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What is good copywriting worth?

See that?

That is an actual job posting on LinkedIn.


The company is offering writers eight cents a word (USD) provided they can produce at least five 1,500 word articles per week.

My math is not good (which is why I am a writer) but I believe that works out to $600 for all five articles.

But the hiring company is not just looking for writers who will provide words for the articles.

They want writers who will produce 'actionable copy' that contains no 'redundancies, filler content, and grammatical errors.'

They want writers who will provide words that reflect 'high-quality research' and a 'fact-check.'

They want writers who will edit and proofread all copy prior to submission.

They want writers who will be open to constructive criticism from them, and their clients, and then revise that copy.

And they want writers who will participate in 'article workshops.'

All for $0.08/word.

The qualifications they have set out are exacting too.

They want writers with five years of experience.

Writers with exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills.

Writers with strong research skills.

And creativity.

All for $0.08/word.

It should go without saying, but if you are looking for an exceptional writer who can research, edit, proofread, and revise content, $0.08/word is far, far, far too low a rate to pay.

Admittedly, I am biased, but I believe that kind of expertise is worth a lot more.

Because well-written, researched, edited, and proofed content that gets results takes time and skill.

And that time and skill has a value.

And that value is way, way, way more than $0.08/word.

Anyway, that's my two cents.


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