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International Women's Day

I have a story to share for International Women's Day.

It's a story about my mom.

When I was a young one back in the days when TV went to bed after a certain hour, I got one of those Fisher-Price schoolhouses from 'Santa.'

It came with a tray of magnetized plastic letters that you could affix to the roof and, in an early display of brand synergy, I tried to spell out the names of various stores and fast food restaurants that I loved using those letters.

However, the schoolhouse came with one tray of 26 letters and the numbers 0-9.

And you couldn't buy supplemental sets of letters.

Well, you could buy a second Fisher Price school to get some, I guess, but that didn't make sense.

What was a young mom with a precocious child who loved reading, writing, and major brands to do?

Well, my mom wrote Fisher-Price telling them about this kid she had who loved to emblazon their schoolhouse with words like Sears but couldn't because there weren't enough letters to accommodate such whims.

Such was her letter writing prowess that they sent her extra trays.

My understanding is that, at some point thereafter, you could purchase additional trays of letters in stores.

Could it be that my mom had something to do with that and thus made it possible for millions of kids to spell anything they wanted?

I'd like to think so.

Because I'd like to think my mom was out there changing the world in her own way.

I mean, after all, she changed mine.

And so here is to women like my mom.

Or like you.

You make a difference every day.


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