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Lay it on the Line – 9 Tips for Writing Amazing Headlines

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Writing great blog posts is hard. Writing headlines that compel people to read your posts is even harder.

If you are struggling to write a headline for your blog post, here a few tips that will help you come up with ideas that will click with your audience:

Ask a question - Your users likely have questions about your product or service, or general questions that you can answer. For example, if you are an interior designer, they may wonder how they can create a stylish room on a budget. Think about the questions on your audience's mind and start from there.

Make a promise - Again, think about challenges your audience is facing and address them. That could result in writing a 'how to' or 'secret to' post. If they think you are offering advice that can make life better, they are more likely to read your post.

Use numbers - There is a reason that a lot of blog posts have headlines that rely on 'top 10' or 'five ways.' They are quick and easy to scan and they give a sense as to what the audience can expect.

Consider wordplay - If you own a bakery and you are offering tips for avoiding disasters, you can always play with things like 'D'oh! Nuts! 5 Ways to Avoid a Baking Disaster.' Wordplay is clever and engaging. Just be sure that the wordplay you use is clear to a wide audience.

Keep it clear and concise - You want your headline to be easily understood and get to the point. Think of ways to get your main point across efficiently and effectively. Readers will appreciate it, and so will search engines. Try to keep it under 70 characters.

Try several different approaches - This is good not just to refine and focus your headline; it also means you have different options for promoting your post through your social media channels.

Keep search engines in mind - You want your headline to be relevant so that your audience finds it. Tools like Google's Keyword Planner will help you write a headline that could improve your ranking in organic search results.

Use superlatives - Easiest. Greatest. Best. Hottest. These words grab attention. Even negative ones like Worst can be effective. Just choose and use them carefully to avoid empty hype.

Personalize it - Is your blog post a personal lesson? Consider writing a headline that reflects that, something like 'What I learned about..' or 'How I learned to...'

Still struggling to write your blog post headline? Another suggestion is to look at how popular content sites like Buzzfeed and Daily Mail write theirs. That will give you some inspiration as well. After all, you put a lot of effort into writing your blog. Make sure you put as much effort into the headline so people click and read your full post.

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