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Quite Content – 5 Easy Ideas for Generating Compelling Blog Posts

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Struggling to come up with content for your blog to position yourself as a thought leader? Here are a few quick tips to help you generate content:

- Develop a content calendar: Depending on your business focus, there are opportunities to develop content specifically timed for your audience. If you sell clothes, for example, you can usually plan something for the spring and fall fashion weeks, or based on season. Thus, a content calendar is an invaluable tool for planning timely articles throughout the year.

- Topical items: Let's say you are a financial consultant and there are some changes in investment products or tax regulations that can impact your clients. A blog about these developments helps position you as a thought leader or credible source of information on new developments that impact the audience you want to reach.

- Check out your competitors: What are they writing about? What is their take on news or recent developments? Or new products. Obviously, you do not want to copy their content, but seeing what they are writing about can inspire you to create a blog post on a related topic or offer your own perspective on an issue of importance to your audience.

- New product/service: Are you a record store with a hot new release? An store that specializes in international food that has access to a unique new snack? These are opportunities for blog posts. You could detail product features or provide a review that generates audience interest and sales. Through posts like these, you can become a trusted voice for information or give people a first glimpse of something new that might appeal to them.

- Listicles: They are overused, but they are informative and easily produced. Five tips for buying a new-to-you car. Five mistakes people make buying their first home. A quick list that offers practical, relevant advice to your audience helps establish trust and reputation.

There are many other ways to generate blog content, but these tips will give you a good start in maintaining yours.

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