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Commercial Break: The Rolling Stones and Rice Krispies

(Hey, hey, you, you, hand over that milk)

Long before they helped start up Windows.

Or helped demonstrate that iMacs come in colors.

Or conveyed that Snickers really delivers satisfaction.

The Rolling Stones extolled the virtues of Rice Krispies.


I know this has made the rounds on the internet several times, but it is still a fascinating curio.

The ad ran in the UK in 1964, just as the band were hitting big there but before the Stones had their first major Billboard hit.

What is unique about the ad is that the jingle originated with the Stones themselves.

And even more intriguing is the fact it was written by Brian Jones, who didn't really write for the band (although some sources say he helped come up with Ruby Tuesday).

For a cereal jingle, it's got some serious snap, crackle, and pop.

And it presaged how ubiquitous the band's music would become in ads, which goes to show that sometimes you can get what you want.

Or at least you can milk it for all it's worth.


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