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And now for something completely different... poetry


I write it.

And have for many years.

Yes, I am a copywriter.

Yes, I write ad taglines and press releases and other marketing and communications materials.

But I also craft poems.

And since this is a copywriter's website, meant to demonstrate my facility with the written word, it behooves me to share the writer I do when I write for myself.

I try to write one poem a day, or most of one that I can refine later.

Mostly, I write them at night before sleep, so most have something to do with dreams or other lives.

I wrote this one yesterday, a bit of a tongue-in-cheek item.

I don't usually title them, but this one would likely answer to the name My Other Life.

It goes something like this:

In my other life

Nothing much makes sense

I wade from dream to dream

A series of accidents

My heart is always talking

But only in past tense

I think it is my enemy

But I don't have the evidence

In my other life

I am split by a flame

One half is a longing

That I cannot tame

I need an intervention

But I forgot to wear my name

In my other life

I accept the blame

In my other life

I sometimes play a savior

But only when I get time off

For demonstrating good behavior

Some days I act in good faith

And some day as a traitor

Either way, in my other life

I am much braver


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