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All Write Now: How to Find a Great Copywriter

So you need to have something written and you need a copywriter to do it.

Simple, right?

It can be.

But if you want to be sure that you find the right writer and get the results you want for your marketing or communications project, here are a few things you should consider:

Expertise: A copywriter's expertise goes beyond how long they have been writing. It is also related to their specific skill set. For example, some are excellent at direct response. Others, ad copy. And there are those who are really good at white papers and articles. Look at their experience to see if they are the right fit for your job.

Quality: Expertise is one thing. You also want to look at the quality of the writer's work or response to your call for proposals. Is their writing exceptional, free of spelling and grammar errors, and does it reflect attention to detail? These are all important factors in making your choice.

Diligence: Take time to chat with copywriter candidates. Ask questions about how they approach projects, why they became a copywriter, or their favorite types of projects. This will give you insights on how well suited they are to take on your project.

Test: This is something I suggest you use sparingly. Remember that writing is how copywriters make their living. When you ask them to write or edit something as a test, that is free work. Consider paying them for their time and effort if you need to take that extra step.

Details: This is particularly important. Once you have made your selection, your copywriter will need to know all your project details, including your audience, message, medium, and delivery dates. A project brief and background material will also help in understanding and meeting your needs.

Fee: Again, remember copywriting is a skill. It takes time for a writer to develop a draft and refine it. That time could include research, interviews, writing, and revisions. The writer's training and expertise will also factor into their fee. Think of these things when a copywriter provides you with a project quote. Ask yourself do you want content that is well written or content that is cheap? (I know how I would answer that, but I am biased.)

There are other factors you will want to consider in making any choice. But these tips will help you find the right copywriter for your project.

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