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Artificial Intelligence and Copywriting

This week, I received an email asking if I wished there was an easier way to produce content every day.

Indeed I do.

I write content every day, and it takes up a lot of my time.

But that is what I do for a living.

I am pretty sure the email was spam, but it was promoting real artificial intelligence technology that promised to give me converting marketing copy, ads, and the like.

Technology that essentially renders me obsolete.

I guess I always knew the machines would come for copywriters like me.

But on closer inspection, I was clearly catastrophizing.

AI tools aren't really here to replace me.

What they appear to do is offer a starting point for copywriting.

They offer ideas that you can springboard off of if you are experiencing writer's block or basic content you can use if you aren't really much of a writer but need a way to generate words in sentences that is readable without employing someone like me.

The AI tools I read about don't really have the ability to bring character or a unique voice to content.

They don't seem to get creativity.

They're crappy at context.

And they aren't so great at nuances in human interactions and emotions.

That takes lived experience.

I have rather a lot of that.

I mean, I am of a sufficient age to remember when vinyl was the dominant music format, not something cool rescued from obsolescence.

I also get the impression that AI can't do other things that are fundamental to quality copy.

For example, engaging with certain customers for feedback and insights.

So I think I'm safe.

At least for now.

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