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Twitter fail - Genesis

In February 1978, Genesis, a band that had previously been associated with very long songs about vengeful giant hogweeds and, uh, mealtime, scored a Top 40 Billboard hit with Follow Me Follow You.

It was the band's first real hit in America, and it paved the way for many more, from Misunderstanding to Invisible Touch to No Son of Mine.

In 2019, the band, or its handlers, set up a Twitter account, which has been used to promote its upcoming reunion tour, teased with the tagline 'the last domino?' as if to indicate it will be their last.

The band's account currently has 17.8k followers.

It only follows 15 Twitter accounts, some of which are their own.

Now, I know all about Twitter ratios and how good it looks to have more followers than accounts you follow.

But if you write and record a song called Follow Me Follow You, you'd think the social media person handling their account would honor that song title and just follow one and all.

In a way, it seems like a missed opportunity to me.

I know, I know, in the grand scheme of things, this is a rather minor quibble and probably not really a Twitter at all.

But what can I say?

It's just a shame.

That's all.


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